HTB for Blue Teams

Making humans
the strongest link
in cybersecurity.

Empower your defensive skills with educational security
content, hands-on exercises, and realistic assessments.


Why are cybercriminals winning?

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Alert fatigue

Blue teamers are often inundated with a
high volume of alerts from security tools,
making it difficult to distinguish between
false positives and real threats.

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Skills shortage

Companies find it challenging to source
and retain talented security professionals.
This shortage leads to increased workloads
and among existing team members.

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Evolving threats

Cybercriminals train on production
systems. Defenders mostly rely on
outdated training and limited real-world

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Developing the modern SOC analyst: A report on 360° upskilling

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The state of defense.


The average malware attack cost, including
the time needed to resolve the attack.

6 days

To remediate to an attack against
4-day SEC rule. Attackers are
outpacing defenders.

six days
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8 out of 10

Recruiters find it hard to acquire
security professionals with
adequate defensive skills.


Increase in cybercrime since the pandemic.
Prospecting a 20x increase YoY.

Our solution.

Become a market-ready
professional with the SOC
Analyst job-role path on
HTB Academy.

15 threat-informed and market-connected courses,
including how to identify incidents from multiple
detection perspectives, effectively perform security
analysis tasks, and create meaningful reports.


Enhance digital forensics
and incident response
(DFIR) skills with

Jump into hands-on investigation labs that simulate
real-world cybersecurity incidents and improve the
capability to prioritize and analyze attack logs.


Validate your new skills
and expertise with our
new Certified Defensive
Security Analyst.

We don’t believe in framed pieces of paper! HTB
CDSA is designed to confirm the skills acquired
through a practical on-the-job assessment and
continuous evaluation.


Jump into gamified assessments by competing in or organizing CTF events.

Select between a variety of Challenges related to
security threats and demonstrate their ability to
mitigate advanced threats in a timely, effective manner.


We connect our
community with job
opportunities from
companies worldwide

Companies taking security seriously can hire skilled
individuals by sourcing and assessing directly from
the HTB community.

All of our defensive security content
is mapped to the NIST/NICE framework.

Stay connected to the threat landscape and learn how to detect
techniques, tactics, and procedures used by real adversaries.

The all-in-one solution for
defensive learning & upskilling.

Any individual aiming to kickstart their career in security can easily upskill with our defensive labs and courses. Join a dynamic community with over 2 million members and make the cyber world a safer place.


Elevate your current career path by improving and validating your skills. Become an expert blue teamer and let your organization sleep better at night, knowing that its defenses are in safe hands.

& technical leaders

Our blue team training platform provides all the material for cyber leaders, managers, and CISOs to assess and upskill cybersecurity teams. Customize your training in every stage and fully control the cyber readiness of your team.