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Where questions are answered. Labs, news, write-ups, hints, and more. Check out what other HTB players are discussing about.

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A Hacking Community That Feels Like Home

Hack The Box always has - right from day 1 back in 2017 - and always will be all about its users. The HTB community is what helped us grow since our inception and achieve amazing things throughout the years.


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Massively Growing

From 3 users (the founding team) in March 2017 to 2m users today, the HTB community is welcoming every day new members, new teams, new companies, and new universities from all around the world.


Strongly Diverse

Anyone is welcome to join. From all the 195 countries of the world, cybersecurity professionals, pen-testing managers, infosec beginners, sysadmins, engineers, devs, gamers, the entire global IT ecosystem belongs here.


Shared Objectives

Everyone is here for the same reason: get hands-on training that turns someone into a skilled hacker and attack-ready cybersecurity professional. Find others like you, share knowledge, build the hacking mindset that will set you apart.


Truly Engaged

Submitting machines, leaving reviews, requesting features, reporting bugs, asking and answering questions, are only some of the ways the HTB community interacts with each other. Engaged, active, always there to help.


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