About US

We are team of coders or hackers you could say who quit their real job where we did coding and were payed very less for the work we did and on that we had to work every day which was really boring. So one day we decided to start working for our-self and be free from these 8 hours a day job. That was about 2 years ago. We are happy today as we are free today and earn way more that we did earn at the job.


So after we quit the job we were thinking of what could we do. After thinking for few days we decided we will make games hacks. Then we started coding hacks for different games and social sites accounts like Instagram Password Hack, Twitter and many more. At First, it was very difficult for us to hack as it requires a lot of skills, dedication and concentration we spent days and nights understanding simple algorithms and now after 2 years of work we have successfully hacked many games and social networks. We use to hack the games we love to play and once we had a working hack on that game we use to play that game at our fullest we never use any of the hacks on our personal accounts we created fake accounts and then test hacks on them. I remember when I hacked clash of clans for first time about a year ago and I had unlimited gems to use. I was like so crazy and I use to play clash of clans for all the day. In one day I was from level 1 to like level 98 I remember yet. I didn’t leave my mobile for 8 hours I remember. My game mates and friends whom I told about this asked to help them to. So we then started helping friends hack there games and some game mates too. We even did hack some people’s games against some money. But now we don’t cheat tools for free to any of our clients we won’t offer them money either due to the reason mentioned bellow. We were finding for an alternative against direct money and we find found one. We started offering people surveys against our hack tool.


Why we stopped asking for money? And ask users to complete a survey?

We stopped asking for money because we can’t give every person our bank account or reveal our PayPal email publically we could get into some trouble by the game/social site owners. So we started offering people a survey and then they can download our hack tool and we gave them instructions to use it. Survey companies pay us and it became very easy to work that way.

How did we come up with CheatElite.net? Why?

 After working anonymously for 2 years we decided to give our team a name or create a website, so we came up with CheatElite.net. Now we publically distribute our hacks and cheat tools and its really working well. Now all users can benefit from our hack and enjoy the game or any social account they are interested in. This was all about US. Do let us know if you need any game hack from our contact us page.