An estimated of 10 percent of players are looking to cheat in an online game.  Luckily for players of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery there is now a gems hack which they can benefit from. You guessed that right – free gems! We all know the primary problem in the game is energy,  you can either wait a lot to get some or spend 55 gems for a refill. The hack I am introducing you today completely eliminates this issue. Yup, that’s how much I am talking about!


How to get started?

The link is…

As of now the tool will only grant you free gems in Hogwarts Mystery which you can use in order to buy energy. At this time, the generator does not support adding coins. However, we are looking into adding that in the near future. Since you’ve made it this far, you are probably interested in learning how to access and use the free gems hack. Oh and guys, the best part is – this does not require you to download anything. Furthermore it only wants your IGN – no password whatsoever require! Your account is completely safe 🙂

All you will need to do is select how many gems you wish to add in your Hogwarts Mystery account and you are good to go. The generator will do the rest for you. I almost forgot to mention that this works on all platforms the game is available for – iOS & Android. Whether you are playing on either of the device, you are eligible to use this as it is not a crack of the game, but just a web-based generator.

There is also a video on how to use it which shows the free gems generator in action with proof. Make sure to watch it if you are experiencing any difficulties!

Can I get banned by using the gems hack?

The answer is yes. However, this only occurs if you are abusing it constantly and especially from a certain IP address.  It rarely happens, however please don’t be that guy and select as much as you need and don’t abuse it.

This is pretty much it folks, I hope you enjoy this tool while it lasts and it saves you some money! Shall you have any issues, please post in the comments and I’ll be glad to help you out 🙂

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