Learn how to obtain a free CS:GO Knife skin!

Have you ever wanted a free CS:GO knife such as Karambit Fade or perhaps an M9 Bayonet? Luckily for you, in 2018 there are ways you can get awesome knives without paying, gambling, neither collecting points on random websites around the internet. As a matter of fact, the method I’m going to introduce to you is quite simple.

All you have to do is provide your Steam username and invest 2 minutes of your time answering a few questions. That’s all! At the end of completion you will receive your free CS:GO knife. You can check the list below to see the obtainable skins, however don’t rely on it as it might get updated with even more by the time you’re reading this article.

The site is totally safe, it does not require your Steam password and it does not involve betting!

Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of the website let’s you chat with other users who are using it and are online at the moment. Here is a list of the skins which you can obtain at the moment:

  • Karambit Fade
  • Falchion Knife Fade
  • Karambit Doppler
  • M9 Bayonet
  • Karambit Case Hardened
  • Karambit Crimson Web

How do I access this?


As previously pointed out, the tool is quite easy to use.  Just type in your STEAM username and select a knife from the list of knives that are currently given away. Once you do that, click on “Claim Knife” and wait until you receive it in your account.

Here’s a screenshot of me testing it and getting a tiger tooth Bayonet! 😮

CheatStreet is not affiliated with the tool and it does not vouch for its safety in terms of Steam legality. Remember to  always use at your own risk and to not overuse such tools as it increases your chances of getting banned. Enjoy and happy playing!

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