Short on cash to finalize that purchase? Need to buy something from Amazon but it is too expensive? You shouldn’t worry because these days there are possible ways to get lots of money straight into your Amazon gift card balance! We will be taking a look at the ones that have been tested and actually work. Keep in mind, this tutorial is only applicable for users.

This post is not entirely related to the gaming industry but as you are aware, absolutely anything can be found on Amazon. Nothing is stopping you to buy in game currency or perhaps Xbox Live membership or whatever. Most of these come with free instant digital delivery too!

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can participate in the Amazon mTurk program by completing all sort of tasks published by other people. The workers then get paid straight in their Amazon gift card wallet depending on the so mentioned task. The majority are time consuming and not paying that well, but don’t let that discourage you. It is still a great way to obtain free Amazon gift card balance, especially if you are short on some.

In order to get started, simply head over to the official mTurk website and sign up as a worker. It might also be a good long term strategy if you have plenty of free time to invest. If you’re looking for a more fast and efficient method, keep reading!

Free Gift Cards Code Generator

Now that’s where the gold is! If you find a working Amazon gift card generator, you can easily top up your gift card balance. I personally like this one because it’s a quick method that doesn’t require much effort. Luckily for you, we already know about a working one and are willing to share with you guys!

The website is user friendly, web based and it doesn’t require you to do much except select the gift card you wish to receive. The available ones are $50, $100 and $150. Once done, you get an Amazon gift card code. You are not required to input your account credentials, e-mail and neither to download anything. Check it out and thank me later!

Just a reminder, this works only for If you are not from North America, perhaps you can exchange the card online or ask the support to do so for you (which is unlikely that they will agree). You can still attempt to shop from the website though. I believe most of the physical stuff can also be delivered worldwide.

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