Are you looking to start your own Minecraft server? Would you want to have a private SMP or rather start your own server network? In this post you will learn about all the options you have in order to do so.

First of all, in order to start your own Minecraft server it comes down to only one thing – hosting. There are plenty of hosting services online which offer Minecraft hosting and provide you with a one click installer of the latest version or any other version you would like. Some of those hosting solutions seem quite steep, however. You can also start your own Minecraft server manually by renting a dedicated server or a VPS – we will talk about that later.

Cheap hosting solution – their plans start from $2.50 a month for a server with 1 GB memory (RAM). This is suitable for approximately for 20 players. The servers they provide the hosting from is fully SSD based and DDoS protected as well.

Of course as previously mentioned, their interface is fully user-friendly and it doesn’t take you much to get started! You can install a Minecraft server version of up to 1.12.2 and get yourself up and running within seconds. Your server is also scalable which means you can upgrade your RAM at anytime shall you need it any more. They also seems to be running a promotion for 50% OFF at the time of this post.

How to set up your own server

In order to install a Minecraft server manually, you would need a CentOS based VPS or dedicated server. I recommend getting one from

Once you have your root credentials, login via SSH to it by using PuTTy if you are on Windows. Mac/Linux users open your terminal and type: ssh [email protected] -p 22

Next step is to install Java on your server:

yum install java

In order to install the latest Minecraft server version, in this case Spigot – v1.12.2 type in the following command:


You could also install a previous build if you wish – they are located on the left sidebar of the website. Now let’s make a start script for it:


The file should contain the following (you can edit it by typing nano

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar spigot-latest.jar

You could also adjust the variables for Xmx and Xms as per the allocated RAM of your dedicated server/VPS. That’s it pretty much! The IP you should provide your friends is the server’s IP which was given to you followed by the default 25565 port.

Feel free to post in the comments shall you have any questions or issues!

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