Pororo Penguin Run Hack (Free Gems & Coins)

By | June 7, 2014

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Pororo Penguin Run Hack

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Released few days ago on the Google play store, this app has crossed the 1 million downloads mark according to App Brain. This game is basically based on award winning cartoon series “Pororo the Little Penguin”. Run, dodge, jump and make your way through a world full of fun and delightful things. Not only this game is award winning, the developers of the game are also award winning. You can play with any of the cute cartoon characters as available in TV series.

There are a lot of different tracks in this game such as ice palaces to snowy towns. One of the best feature I found in this game is bonus mode full of cars, rockets and planes. You can compete with your friends, play fun games and win free gifts by competing in weekly and monthly challenges. Overall a fun game for kids and people of all ages.


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