SoldierRun Hack (Unlimited Coins + Diamonds)

By | June 30, 2014

SoldierRun Hack is 100% undetectable and gives free unlimited diamonds and  coins. Coins is the main currency of this game being used to buy in-app purchases and additional content in the game. People were able to get upto 2 million gold coins using our hack tool. After using our hack to get free coins, you can easily unlock all the characters and buy additional game content free of cost.

SoldierRun Hack

The main features of our SoldierRun Hack are given below:

  • Free Coins - You need coins to unlock new characters such as Iron Man, Rugby Player etc. With out hack, you get up to 2 million coins for free.
  • Free Diamonds - You can also get around 5 million free diamonds using our hack.
  • Power-ups Unlocked - We have also added the option to unlock the power-ups in this game.


There is ice everywhere and our little soldier is trapped in this land. He is starving and if he didn’t left the area, he will die eventually. Soldier is counting on you to lead him so he can get out of this area. Run, swipe, jump and avoid the obstacles that comes in your way. How far you can go? Only one way to find out! This is one of the running games being released this month and few weeks ago, another game was also released. We have recently released our Pororo Penguin Run Hack and that game was also a running game.

The goal is very simple. You have to help the soldier leave iceland. Controls are very easy and even a small kid can play this game easily. Swipe up makes the soldier jump and swipe down makes the soldier roll. Swiping left or right makes the soldier move left and right. You can also tilt the device to change the direction of your soldier. Tons of missions to be played, online multiplayer support, tons of things to be bought.. Overall an amazing running game.

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