Wind-up Knight 2 Hack (Unlimited Coins)

By | June 4, 2014

Most awaited Wind-up Knight 2 Hack is here now which gives unlimited coins [free], unlock map and basically gives you all the in-app purchases of this game for free. Just like our previous Battle Islands Hack and Slingshot Braves Hack, this one is also compatible with all popular mobile OS such as Android and iOS. 100% safe, bug free and especially made by the team Cheat Elite.


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When you combine high end platforming game with a high dose of action being taken place in a beautiful world, you get the Wind-up Knight 2 game! Developed by the Robot Invader, this game has got more then 10000 positive reviews and is in the top 100 in action category right now [in Google Play and iOS store]. The part 1 of this game was also a huge hit but this time, it is going to set new standards for the action games and the is ready to challenge the big games of all times.

Bigger world, all new machines and tons of new levels. This time you will get 1000 times better experience then what you used to get in the part 1 of this game. Incredible graphics like doing the double jump over a trap while diving sword-first into a crazed Hippogriff. I think you got my meaning… The graphics of this game are top notch!

A whole new set of machines are waiting for you in this part 2 like ice blocks, boulders, bouncy pads etc. A new addition is the side quests which forces all the players to think outside of the box. If you think you are invincible then try these side quests! Part 1 was played by 10 million people and the dev are confident that this time they will cross the 11 million mark.


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