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Upskilling Through Gamified Hacking Challenges

Cyber teams learn while playing! The perfect team-building experience.

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User-Friendly Web App

The web app, fully customized for CTFs only, ensures the players' experience is smooth, easy, and fun. Live updates for each challenge submission, team management, and awesome UI make the CTF experience one to remember!

Build your own CTF Event

Discover the depth and variety of content HTB has to offer as you build your own CTF from more than 55 challenges and curated packs relevant to your team’s needs in the CTF Marketplace.

Hack The Box Capture The Flag (CTF): Build your own CTF Event

Live Scoreboard

Each CTF comes with its own scoreboard, updating live with every change in the competition, visible by both players and visitors.

Watch real-time the progress of your team!

Hack The Box Capture The Flag (CTF): Live scoreboard and real-time progress

User Progress Report

After the CTF has been completed, you can receive, upon request, a progress report of the competition. Straightforward graphs will help you gain a better understanding of your team’s performance.

Hack The Box Capture The Flag (CTF): User progress and team performance report

Top-Notch, Curated Content

Are you looking for cutting-edge content with the latest attack techniques covering all cybersecurity fields? Hacking content that your team will love? Created and delivered by Hack The Box, custom to your needs.


All challenge types are included in this category. Pick the ones that best fit your company's CTF requirements. From reversing and web to pwn and hardware.

Full Pwn-Style

Boot2Root machines, custom to your needs, with diverse difficulty, attack paths, and OSs. Players will need to find the user and root flag. Get ready for action!


Active Directory labs simulating real-world enterprise environments with the latest attack techniques. Try to capture all the flags and reach Domain Admin.

CTF Hosting & Support

All CTF content will be hosted in our infrastructure ensuring high-quality performance, updates regarding the CTF progress, and support for anything you or your employees may need during the event.

Hack The Box Capture The Flag Platform: CTF hosting and support

Team Management

Each team has a “captain” that can add/remove team members and join CTFs on behalf of the team. At any time, the captain can delegate the captain role to someone else. Players can be part of multiple teams and all that is required is to select which team is currently the active one for their profile!

Hack The Box Capture The Flag (CTF): Team management

CTF Content Options

Interested in organizing a CTF competition for your company?
Explore the options and reach out to us to get started! We can host the competition and even create custom CTF content, while also providing full support before, during, and after the event.


Pre-Existing HTB Content

Choose from our broad range of top quality active or retired HTB Machines and Challenges.


Use Your Own Content

Submit your own developed content. We will take care of testing and integrating it into our CTF platform.


Custom HTB Content

Set your CTF requirements. We will create original custom content tailored to your needs.

Event Hosting
Live Support
Event Branding
Content Testing & Integration
Unlimited Users

In Our Customers’ Words

Here is what teams that played, captured the flag, and picked up new hacking skills, had to say after their Hack The Box CTF experience!


We can provide you access to a demo CTF so you can get a feel for how the platform works, what the challenges look like, and what’s expected of the players. Just reach out to discuss further.
Our CTF platform is extremely capable of accommodating hundreds of simultaneous players, so we do not place a maximum limit.
Absolutely! Our CTF packages are built to allow all types of content hosted on the platform, be that yours, ours, or content developed specifically for you and the event.
Our CTFs are either private or public, so you are free to either lock it down to only those that you invite or open it up to the global/local cybersecurity community to benefit from your event.


How to start. Five easy steps.

Reach out to us and let us
know about your ideal CTF.
Meet your dedicated Technical
Account Manager and finalize CTF
content and details.
Receive all the CTF info, support
details, and user guides.
Distribute the joining
details to your players.
Enjoy the CTF! Let the Live
Scoreboard get on fire!

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