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Empower teams with guided learning and hands on skill development exercises.

Starting with

  • Core job role Academy modules
  • One 24h CTF
  • 300+ Recommended machines
  • 25 Starting Point machines
  • Guided Mode

Level-up with specialized, comprehensive content for all skill levels.

Access to

  • Core & Specialized job role Academy modules
  • Certification vouchers info icon
  • Two 24h CTFs
  • 750+ machines, challenges & exclusive training lab content
  • Hands on Professional Labs scenariosinfo icon

Receive a personalized solution tailored to your company’s unique needs.

All features in Professional, plus optional add-ons

  • CTF events upon request
  • AWS, GCP and Azure cloud environments
  • Talent Search

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Compare Plan Features

Compare Plan Features




One 24h CTF Two 24h CTFs Flexible
Fun, gamified hacking competitions for teams
Core job role Academy modules consist of modules from Tier 0 to Tier 2, along with fully guided write-ups for teams to learn and develop new skills with ease.
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This consists of the entire library of Academy modules from Tier 0 to Tier 4 modules, offering a comprehensive learning experience with more specialized learning modules, unlimited exam attempts, and industry-recognized certifications.
Guided Mode is designed to assist users in solving HTB machines by providing hints and guidance throughout the process. It offers step-by-step instructions and tips to help users progress through the challenges, making it particularly useful for beginners or those who prefer a more structured learning experience
Starting Point machines are a category of machines that provides all the basic skills you need to progress through Hack The Box. They offer a very easy level of difficulty and serve as an entry point for newcomers to enhance their skills, covering fundamental concepts in penetration testing and ethical hacking.
Pwnbox is a customised hacking cloud box that lets you hack all HTB Labs directly from your browser anytime, anywhere. No VM, no VPN. Pwnbox offers all the hacking tools you might need pre-installed, as well as the Spectator Link, a “View Only” link to share with friends to watch you as you pwn.
These features provide comprehensive insights and data analysis related to user engagement, completion rates, skill development, and performance trends.
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Cloud Labs focuses on the most widely used cloud platforms, each in their own, separate scenario. After completing these labs, you'll be able to identify vulnerabilities more quickly, mitigate risks faster, and proactively secure cloud infrastructure.
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Academy Labs offers a variety of certification programs designed to validate and demonstrate individuals' skills and knowledge in specific areas of cybersecurity.These vouchers serve as a form of payment allowing users to enter the examination process and obtain HTB Academy certifications.
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Exclusive machines is a special category of machines only available to a subset of users. They offer advanced and unique challenges to help users further enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.
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Professional Labs are training labs simulating real-world scenarios, giving participants a chance to penetrate enterprise infrastructures.

Reach the Hack The Box support team within the platform under Customer Support on the left-hand side menu.

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Pricing FAQs

The most suitable HTB plan for you depends on your unique requirements. Are you an established player with extensive B2B needs or a beginner just starting out? Do you have a specific growth rate in mind, and what kind of support do you require? To determine the right plan for your present and future needs, let's have a one-on-one consultation about your business goals. Please get in touch with our team directly, and we'll assist you in finding the perfect plan.
How are HTB Academy modules structured? In HTB Academy, each module is centered around a specific cybersecurity topic, be it from a red or blue team perspective. These modules take you on a guided journey, offering you the theoretical underpinnings you need while providing practical exercises against actual infrastructure and applications. This hands on approach enhances the grasp of the ideas discussed in each section. In summary, we provide a hands on skills evaluation at the conclusion of each module. This serves to measure your comprehension of the concepts that have been covered throughout.Key points In Academy are: Guided, theory, practice, and skill-assessment.
Yes, you can purchase multiple licenses. Please refer to our pricing page for more information on the different license options available and the corresponding pricing. If you require a large number of licenses, please contact our sales team for special pricing and support.
At HTB, our pricing and packages are based on an annual billing cycle. This means that customers are billed once a year for the services they have subscribed to. Our annual billing policy eliminates the need for monthly payments and provides our customers with a clearer understanding of their expenses for the entire year.
If you require extra support from HTB, there are several options available:
Knowledge Base: Our Knowledge Base provides articles and tutorials on a variety of HTB topics. You can search the Knowledge Base to find answers to common questions or browse articles related to your issue.
Community Forums: Our Community Forums are a great place to connect with other HTB users and get help from the community. You can browse existing topics or start a new thread to get help with your issue.
Contact Sales: If you are unable to find a solution through the Knowledge Base or Community Forums, you can contact our support team directly. You can contact us through our website or send an email to our sales team. Our team will respond as soon as possible to assist you with your issue.